Advanced Multipurpose Slider allows you to create content navigation with slideshow. You can create buttons to navigate through images and content with hover or click navigation mode. By choosing different options, you can create some powerful navigation layouts.

With this add-on, you can easily create buttons that are linked to images or content. The images or content can be used as a slider. The images or content are directly created from the block – there is no need to create image sets or stack items prior to using this add-on.

By using different fields in the block, you can create different types of buttons and navigation layouts. Ordinary buttons are linked to images or content slides. Standalone buttons are directly linked to the internal or external URLs. You can also create standalone text when you do not need the functionality of the buttons. Text in the buttons and content can be plain text or HTML text. If you want advanced features, you can also style each button individually with stylesheets.

By creatively using this add-on, you can create interesting and powerful navigation layouts.

  • Create and edit buttons and slides directly from the block – no need to set up image sets or stack items, or create layouts prior to using this add-on. Everything stays within a block that you can copy to the clipboard or easily move to a different location in the page.
  • Slide content can include images, rich text or embedded videos.
  • Slide content appears on search results.
  • Hover or click navigation modes.
  • Option to stop auto slideshow when a button is clicked.
  • Set width and height of the buttons.
  • Set width and height of the linked image.
  • Automatically crops images based on the width and height of the linked image.
  • Uniform size of buttons and content area. Buttons can be individually resized using CSS.
  • Advanced customisation through CSS.
  • Enable/disable auto slideshow.
  • Two slider styles - default vertical layout and an additional template for horizontal layout.
  • 25+ transition effects for the image slides.
  • Slideshow speed and slideshow delay options.
  • Creates ordinary buttons used for displaying image slides or content slides.
  • Creates standalone buttons that are directly linked to internal or external URLs.
  • Creates standalone text where you do not need the features of a button.
  • Edit content in WYSIWYG editor for creating rich text with images.
  • Drag and sort while creating and editing buttons.
  • Creates slides with buttons on one or both sides.